Share your PASSIONS

The mobile app for people who want to make plans but don´t have someone compatible to go with.

TAG your likes.  Find compatible people. Make your plans together.

Why TAGether?


Add tags of your likes to your profile. For example concerts, dancing, street art...


Find compatible people near to you.


See what plans is the community sharing. Find plans related with your TAGs.

Choose the profile

Send a connection request to that person. If it's accepted, you can both agree to go together to that specific plan.

Create a plan

Say when, where and share with the community of TAGether your plan. Find then compatible people suggested.

Validated Facebook Profile

All the users are validated. We ensure the authenticity of the TAGether community members.

Affinity with users and plans

See what do you have in common with the users and the percentage in number of your compatibility.

Chat and go TAGether

Only when the user accepts the Connection Request you can chat and finally go together to that plan.

Share your experience

Tell the community how was that plan and recommend people and plans to the rest of the users.

"Always I had the same problem. I love poetry but my friends don´t even have idea of it. But I really wanted to go to some poetry slam. I used to give up to go"
Alexa Robbens
UX Designer
"I love to dance, but my friends are too shy for going with me to a salsa club. I found dancing lovers with TAGether and we go every week to the best Berliner club"
Alain Loeper

"You can now enjoy your plans with compatible people, share experiences and create

Leisure Magazine Berlin

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